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Electrical Maintenance Lusaka Ltd (Zambia)

Business Development Analyst

I worked for an electrical engineering company with more than three hundred employees operating more than fifty years in manufacturing and contracting. I reported directly to the company owners on projects and worked with cross-functional teams that spanned most areas. I have always enjoyed applying ways for technology to improve profitability, free up time and improve safety and security. This is also an important dimension in business continuity planning and change management.

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Sales and marketing activities:

  • A collaborative approach to building rapport with all levels of the business in the production of a SWOT analysis and business continuity plan in the event of emergency contingencies.
  • For a large steel and manufacturing factory, I provided an extensive analysis of production costs and profitability, to identify weaknesses and areas for improvement.
  • Organised and conducted international business trips and trade exhibitions in China, the Philippines, South Africa and across Europe.
  • For the Imports department, I created a costing and pricing database to streamline internal processes and make it easier to pull data and create reports.
  • Implemented a live GPS tracking system which was integrated into seventy-two fleet vehicles, giving the business Improved visibility of assets and accountability for drivers.
  • Designed and produced a range of engaging adverts for trade magazines and newspapers, working closely with a range of different departments.

Data handling

I introduced online cloud backup systems, key in business continuity planning and recovery from exceptional disasters or emergencies. Launched a new cloud e-mail system across a large company that consisted of over forty e-mail accounts on London based servers with the added benefit of automatic backups and better protection from malware and spam.

Process improvement

Improved vehicle fleet management by using live GPS tracking on more than seventy two vehicles. The system quickly paid for itself by efficiency gains, improved safety and security. Tested different internet technologies from satellite dishes to fibre-optic providers.

Project management

An electrical engineering company operating over fifty years in manufacturing and contracting with more than three hundred employees. Reported to the company owners on my projects.

Additional marketing activities

  • Created and published marketing brochures and profiles used when tendering for large projects.
  • Responsible for producing large advertising billboards and managed agencies and printers.
  • Managed content updates and general upkeep for the company website www.eml-eis.com.
  • Set up forty e-mail accounts on London-based servers, daily maintenance of the internet firewalls.
  • Created an access database to manage client information and contact details more efficiently.
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General Electric Finance

Account Manager French Market

Leeds based company: I worked in the French market accounts receivable and attended accountancy courses. I relied on my French language for written correspondence and telephone communication to chase late payments.

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